Taking Care of Dog Health Concerns Naturally Without Side Effects

Any pet owner is well aware of all the issues that having a companion can cause. One of the most common problems is the regular worry over dog health concerns. After all, when you have a pet, the responsibility for its well-being also rests on you. A much loved companion is another member of your family, and any illness or health problems they face becomes a matter of concern for the whole family. Since no one likes to see their furry friend suffer, keeping up with dog health issues, and ways to deal with them, is an important part of being a pet owner.

Probably the best known of dog health concerns is rabies. Caused by a virus, rabies is a major concern to public health, as well as to the well being of precious pets, especially in countries in the third world, or the Middle East. It is transmitted through bites, and is fatal unless the dog has been vaccinated. The disease causes their brain to malfunction, and the behavior of the dog changes abruptly. Behavior changes are followed by paralysis of the hind legs, and throat muscles, followed by death caused due to an increasing difficulty in breathing.

Canine distemper is another major item on the list of dog health issues, and although highly contagious, it is not transmitted to humans, and is treatable. Dog health concerns can range from a simple allergy, through cough, cold, and infections, to rabies. Dogs are also susceptible to heart diseases, hepatitis, kidney diseases, and epilepsy. While some diseases and health problems are common to your dog and you, some are unique illnesses that only your companion suffers from.

Age, and genetics, related diseases like diabetes, cancer, and arthritis are the same in you and your friend, and many of the pathogens that make your life a living hell cause problems for your pet too. Viral and bacterial diseases affecting dogs are many and varied, as are vector borne diseases like those spread by ticks, and fungal infections like mange. Hereditary, genetic and geriatric diseases and dog health concerns can also take up a lot of mental space for a pet owner, especially if your canine companion is of a certain age and getting older.

Purebreds are more prone to certain genetic and orthopedic diseases, and some breeds are more susceptible to growths, tumors, and cancers. Older dogs are also a lot more likely to develop heart disease, along with many other age related disorders. Knowing and keeping abreast of all the relevant dog health concern for the particular breed and age group of your companion is a major part of being a pet owner. Managing health issues is as important for your canine friend as it is for you or your family.

Natural and holistic treatment and maintenance regimens like homeopathy can help alleviate dog health concerns by keeping your pet achieve optimal health. In case of disease, daily supplements can help strengthen and bolster the natural biological systems of your pet, giving them the extra nutrients to build immunity and fight health-related problems.